S.E. Link Ltd and its strategic partners have collaborated to offer their esteemed clientele both unique and cost effective solution to compilation of credit/debit cards funds by internet .

S.E. Link Ltd. is a leading Internet based systems developer and operator of SecuriLink, Malta’s leading electronic payment gateway


All Secure International Ltd. is a local systems integration company with international experience in the marketing of web-based services. It also specializes in Web Design, Web Hosting, Database Integration, E-Commerce Solutions and Web Marketing

MaltaPay portal is powerd by the SecuriLink transaction engion.


The SecuriLink EPPS is part of a comprehensive electronic secure processing system that comprises the SecuriLink related products portfolio, namely:-

  • EFT Payment System
  • Payment Portal - “www.MaltaPay.com”
  • Prepaid Top-Up systems - “SecuriLink Top-Up”
    • POS e-Top-Up System
    • Internet e-Top-Up System
    • SMS e-Top-Up systems
    • Open connectivity API Top-Up
  • Bookings and Reservations – “SecuriLink Booking”
  • E-billing system – “SecuriLink e-billing”
  • Gift Cards management system – “SecuriLink Gift Card”
  • Charge cards management system – “SecuriLink Charge Card”
  • Loyalty & Rewards system “SecuriLink Loyalty”
  • Hospitality System "SecuriLink Fidelio Interface"

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